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Ancient History

Tomyris: One Tough Mother

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the United States. It’s been packaged as a pastel holiday: all flowers and robins and lace and chocolate. In fact, for many people it’s a more complicated holiday than its commercial rendering would suggest. Many people greet the holiday with a sense of loss that is too new or too…

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Telling Women’s History: Three Questions and an Answer with Adrienne Mayor

I first “met” Adrienne Mayor on the late lamented group history blog Wonders & Marvels, which both of us contributed to on a regular basis.  I always looked forward to Adrienne’s posts. She wrote about quirky and fascinating topics that straddled the worlds of classical history and history of science: biological warfare in the ancient…

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Enheduanna: A Surprise From the Ancient World

In the last two blog posts I claimed that it was going to be all women warriors all the time here at the Margins as the publication date for Women Warriors hurtles at me like an out-of-control truck on an ice-coated highway. (1) And for the most part it’s true. But sometimes I stumble across…

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