Comic Book History

Telling Women’s History: Three Questions and an Answer with Jason Porath

I must admit that I fan-girled hard when Jason Porath agreed to be part of this interview series. I’ve followed his work since 2014, when my then agent called him to my attention. Porath’s Rejected Princesses, and its sequel, Tough Mothers, began in a discussion with his Dreamworks’ co-workers over what historical woman was least…

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Custer’s Last Stand?

Sometimes I think that no matter how much we may know about history as individuals, collectively we know nothing at all. Case in point: Custer’s Last Stand. I am currently working on an article that is about a painting about the event that you and I have always known as Custer’s Last Stand.* I went…

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Lovelace, Babbage, and Steampunk Comics

Normally when I use the phrase “comic-book history” here on the Margins I’m referring to the shorthand popular version of history that we learned as children and carry in our hearts as adults:  Abraham Lincoln dashing off the Gettysburg address on the back of an envelope,  the first American Thanksgiving, Marie Antoinette’s infamous line “let…

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