Medieval Europe

Queen vs. Queen

At some point while we were strolling through Salzburg, happy as two history buggs can be, My Own True Love said something to the effect of “You should write a blog post about the Merovingians. No one knows who they are.” I’m not going to write a definitive post about the Merovingians, because that’s not…

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Road Trip Through History: Salzburg, pt. 2 , The Hohen-Salzburg Fortress

  If you only have time for one history nerd adventure in Salzburg, visit the Hohen-Salzburg Fortress. (aka the Festung Hohensalzburg). It will give you a literal overview of the city and its history, and a glimpse of some breathtaking medieval living spaces. The fortress was built in several stages, beginning in 1077 during the…

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Road Trip Through History: Salzburg, Pt. 1

My Own True Love and I did not come to Salzburg with history on our minds.(1) We were focused on Christmas markets, the 200th anniversary of Silent Night, a little Mozart, the possibility of skiing (2), traditional Austrian cuisine,(3) and the romance of waltzing in a public square at midnight on New Year’s Eve. The…

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