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Road Trip Through History: The National Brewery Museum

Some museums are the road trip equivalent of a destination wedding: you plan the trip for the purpose of visiting that museum. Some museums are must-sees. (Though I must admit that we’ve missed a few of those on previous Great River Road adventures because of scheduling difficulties. *Sigh*) And others are a fun stop when…

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Has It Really Been Thirty Years? The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Thirty years ago, on November 9, the Berlin Wall fell, or more accurately was torn down.* In memory of that event, I offer a [lightly edited] version of a post I ran in 2016. Last week while we all blew noisemakers and wore party hats to celebrate the the 100th anniversary of America’s National Park…

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The Strange Case of Dr. Couney: An Interview with Dawn Raffel

About a year ago, I posted a review here in the Margins about a fabulous book: The Strange Case of Dr. Couney: How a Mysterious European Showman Saved Thousands of American Babies. (I was not the only person who loved it. NPR named it one of 2018’s Great Reads and it made the New York…

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