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From the Archives: Kepler’s Mother-A Scary Story for Halloween

The seventeenth century was a period of scientific revolution. Astronomers, like Galileo, worked out the motions of the planets and stars in the sky, and overturned the concept that the earth stood at the center of the cosmos.(1) Galileo, Newton and others created a new science of mechanics that applied the laws of mathematics to…

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Road Trip Through History: Little House in the Big Woods

I grew up in the Missouri Ozarks, not far from Mansfield, Missouri, where Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of the Little House books, lived from 1897 to her death in 1957. I remember being thrilled when my family took a day trip to visit her home, probably in the late 1960s soon after it was made…

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From the Archives: Florence Nightingale Does the Math

  I just finished writing a review of a book that uses infographics, and only infographics, to tell a historical story.  It’s a fascinating and beautiful work–and I’ll tell you all about it after the initial review comes out in Shelf Awareness for Readers.  (I’d say that I’m sorry to be a tease, but that…

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