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World War II

From the Archives: Cornelia Fort, Eyewitness to Pearl Harbor

In 1941, Cornelia Fort was a certified civilian flight instructor who worked for the Andrews Flying Service in Honolulu, a Nashville debutante who had kicked her way into the male dominated world of general aviation. (1) She was only 22 and already an experienced pilot with hundreds of flight hours to her credit. On December…

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Agents of Influence

In June 1940, American politics was divided into isolationists, who wanted to keep America out of the European war, and interventionists, who believed that America’s safety and prosperity depended on supporting Great Britain in its fight against Nazi Germany. In Agents of Influence: A British Campaign, a Canadian Spy, and the Secret Plot to Bring…

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Sudden Courage

A little less than a year ago, I posted a review of Paige Bower’s  The General’s Niece, a fascinating biography of Genevieve De Gaulle and the role she played in the French resistance  I recently read an excellent book that put Genevieve in the broader context of teenage resistants. In Sudden Courage: Youth in France…

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