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On War, Part Three: Lest We Forget

For those of you who missed the last blog post: A couple of weeks ago I spent the day attending the fifth annual “On War” military history symposium at the Pritzker Military Library. This was the third time I’ve attended and the third time I’ve come away with a notebook full of ideas, factoids, and…

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Marie von Clausewitz: An Interview with Vanya Eftimova Bellinger

As long-time readers here at the Margins know, I’m a fan of the Pritzker Military Library.   I attend several of their programs each year and listen to more through their live-streaming feature.* Back in January, I attended a presentation at the Priztker in which Vanya Eftimova Bellinger spoke about her new book, Marie von Clausewitz:…

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On War, the Symposium– Year 2

Last week My Own True Love and I attended the Pritzker Military Library’s second annual On War Military History Symposium.  Last year’s symposium blew me away.   Perhaps I’m a little jaded since I’ve spent a lot of the last year reading, writing, and thinking about World Wars I and II, but this year wasn’t quite…

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