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In which I read up on 1066

At the end of May, My Own True Love and I are traveling to Normandy with a tour led by the National World War II Museum.* The focus of the trip is D-Day. I am sure it will be wonderful, because the museum knows its stuff. But I must admit the part of the trip…

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Constance Fenimore Woolson: An Interview with Anne Boyd Rioux

Anne Boyd Rioux and I both hang out in a number of places on line where women talk about writing, history, and writing about history.  She is a smart, savvy and generous scholar who writes about forgotten women of the past.  You will not be surprised to hear that when her newest book, Constance Fenimore…

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Victorian City

In The Victorian City: Everyday Life in Dickens’ London,* social historian Judith Flanders (The Invention of Murder) reminds us Charles Dickens was a journalist before he was a novelist. The London that stands at the hearts of his novels–so vibrant that it’s almost a character in its own right–is not only a work of the…

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