History on Display: Pritzker Military Library

My Own True Love and I are spending the day at a military history symposium at the Pritzker Military Library. In the morning, Tim O’Brien (author of The Things They Carried) and Karl Malantes (author of Matterhorn) are going to discuss literature, war, politics and the art of writing.* In the afternoon, major historians and biographers are going to talk about the Korean War, major players in World War II, and the beginnings of World War I. I’ll be taking notes madly, and expect to come back with loads of tasty bites for History in the Margins‘ readers.

If you like military history, you should know about the Pritzker. They have interesting exhibits (the current exhibits are on women’s service organizations in WWII and WWI posters-both subjects dear to my heart), a solid research collection, an enormous collection of war posters, and kick-ass reference librarians. They collect veteran’s stories in an oral history program, Stories of Service. They also host excellent speakers, show war movies, and have a book club. Most amazing of all, they live webcast many of their programs so you can “attend” them at home, knitting and notebook in hand, even if you don’t live in Chicago.

In fact, they’re webcasting today’s sessions, starting at 11:00 CST. Head on over.

*If I were given to fan girl squees, I’d be squee-ing in excitement.

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