Blatant Self-Promotion

Looking for a few good people

Women Warriors comes out on February 26. From your perspective, that probably sounds like I still have a lot of time to get ready. From my perspective, it feels like next week. One of the hard truths of publishing is that no one can buy a book she doesn’t know exists. I’m doing everything I…

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Women Warriors (aka A Moment of Blatant Self-Promotion)

Those of you who’ve been hanging out here in the Margins for a while now are well aware that I’ve spent much of the last two years* working on a global history of women warriors. Now it’s mostly out of my hands. (Though I did get a second round of copy edits this afternoon. The…

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From the Archives: Did Civil War Nurses Wear Uniforms?

Dear Marginalia: I’m coming close to the deadline and close to the end of the book. I’m also in Kenosha, Wisconsin, speaking at a Civil War medicine weekend at the Civil War museum here. ( Saturday, 2/17, 1 PM–stop on by if you’re in the neighborhood!) It’s a lovely way to hit the road for…

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