History on Display

Road Trip Through History: Salzburg, pt. 2 , The Hohen-Salzburg Fortress

  If you only have time for one history nerd adventure in Salzburg, visit the Hohen-Salzburg Fortress. (aka the Festung Hohensalzburg). It will give you a literal overview of the city and its history, and a glimpse of some breathtaking medieval living spaces. The fortress was built in several stages, beginning in 1077 during the…

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Road Trip Through History: Salzburg, Pt. 1

My Own True Love and I did not come to Salzburg with history on our minds.(1) We were focused on Christmas markets, the 200th anniversary of Silent Night, a little Mozart, the possibility of skiing (2), traditional Austrian cuisine,(3) and the romance of waltzing in a public square at midnight on New Year’s Eve. The…

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History on Display: Amplified Chicago Blues

On Labor Day, My Own True Love and I indulged in a history nerd holiday and spent the afternoon at the Chicago History Museum’s* exhibit on the blues in Chicago. Amplified Chicago Blues is local history the way it should be told: placing the local within its larger historical context while still focusing on local…

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