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Odd Bits

On the Road Again

This is not a blog post, it’s a preview of coming attractions. My Own True Love and I are back on the Great River Road.  Today we reached the banks of the Mississippi and are ready to take up where we left off. While part of the charm of our adventures on the Great River…

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The Lady Who Invented Monopoly

Recently a long-time blog reader, named Jack French, reached out to me with a story for a blog post:  “Elizabeth “Lizzie” Magie Phillips, the real inventor of Monopoly, not Charles Darrow, the guy history incorrectly credits as inventing this game”.  As anyone who has read more than a few posts here on the Margins can…

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Gone Fishin’

My Own True Love and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary this week!  The first out-of-town guests have already arrived.  Over the next week there will be food, music, dancing, champagne toasts, laughter, and story telling.  Maybe even a little romance. But there won’t be any blog posts.  I’ll see you back here at…

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