Moving Pictures

It’s a week and counting ’til our move. I’d rather be writing blog posts than sorting, pitching, packing, and hauling. But that’s not realistic.

Instead, I’d like to share with you these two video clips from the British Pathé archives. The first is King George VI giving the real speech that inspired the film The King’s Speech.* The second is George VI struggling with a public speech pre-speech therapy. That takes courage.

[A reminder to those of you who read these posts in your e-mail: You may need to view the post through your browser to see the film clips. Just click the post title twice and say “there’s no place like home”.]

* I strongly recommend that you track it down if you haven’t seen it yet. In fact, I may watch it again myself as a treat tonight or tomorrow. I’m in the mood to watch the triumph of the human spirit.

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