We have a winner! (And a recommendation)

Thanks to all of you who threw your names in the hat for a chance to win a copy of Nick Lloyd’s Hundred Days. I’m glad I didn’t have to pick on merit: you sent me links to World War I-related blog posts, quotations from Wilfred Owen, a plea on behalf of a local library, and an Armistice Day birthday. In fact, your reasons for wanting the book were so good that I gave all of you two chances. The winner is: Bart Ingraldi.

Bart is the author of a blog that I very much enjoy: PaperSleuth.com He writes about history using ephemera* as a springboard: as he describes it, his exploration of ephemera is “A trip that’s part archaeology and part sociology, both with a touch of whimsey. Even if you’re not interested in ephemera (and I bet you are), do yourself a favor and read his recent post on Sarajevo: “Two Bullets–Eight Million Dead” . It is one of the best of the thousands of posts that came out on the anniversary last week. Better than mine by orders of magnitude.

*”Everyday paper artifacts intended for short time use”

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