And we have winners!

As always when I have books to give away, I’m glad that I don’t have to choose the winners based on merit. As always, you responded with book suggestions,* thoughtful commentary, suggestions for future blog posts, and history-nerd humor–both in comments on the blog post itself and in wonderful e-mails. **

I think I’m the real winner here, but some of you get books. (Drumroll please.)

And the winners are:

Big History: Viriam Khalsa
Divine Fury: Scottie Kersta-Wilson
Exile’s Return: Diana Holdsworth
The Profligate Son: HJ and Jane S. Poole
Voyagers of the Titanic: Robert Rhine

Send me your addresses by e-mail and I’ll get the books in the mail.

Thanks for reading, whether you just discovered History in the Margins or have been reading it for years. More historical bits are on the way.

* Because I clearly don’t have enough Big Fat History Books to read.

**Actually, some of you respond with book suggestions, thoughtful commentary, etc even without a book giveaway. I know bloggers who hesitate to include their e-mail address on their blog because they fear spam. They don’t know what they’re missing!

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