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My Own True Love and I are on our way to Iceland, where we expect to have lots of history-buff adventures.  I’ve scheduled some blog posts for the time we’re gone, but I thought it was a good time to introduce you to history blogs written by fellow readers.* (Many thanks to Jane S. Poole, who inspired this idea.) Check each other out.  You may find a blog you love.

Obviously I only know who you are if you leave comments on blog posts, send me emails, or interact with me in some other way.  And I may have missed someone as I went through four years of blog comments/correspondence.**  So if your blog isn’t here–or if you want to share a blog you love that isn’t on the list–feel free to add it to the comments.

Here we go, in no particular order:

France Rolleston: A Victorian Lady

Paper Sleuth

République No. 6

The Vintage Traveler

Time Traveler Tours & Tales

Round and Square

God of Wednesday

Streets of Salem


*At first I planned to list all the blogs written by readers, regardless of topic.  That turned out to be impossible–DOZENS of you write interesting stuff on topics that have nothing to do with history. (Let me tell you, it hurt to leave off the book people.  And the artists.  And my youngest sister.)  As it is, I’ve defined history as widely as possible.

**Crazy or just compulsive?  You decide.

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