This Isn’t a Blog Post.

It’s a link to a website I discovered when I was procrastinating on my Really Big Project.*  Global Middle Ages is the home site for a group of  projects that began with a teaching experiment at the University of Texas.  The charge was “to see the world whole in a large swathe of time—as a network of spaces braided into relationship by trade and travel, mobile stories, cosmopolitan religions, global cities, cultural borrowings, traveling technologies, international languages, and even pandemics, climate, and wars. ”  As anyone who had spent any time here at the Margins knows, this kind of thing is catnip as far as I’m concerned.

So, go poke around, cheer them on, find something fascinating.



*If you’re friends with interesting people on Facebook, you see interesting stuff.  Actually, this is also true outside of Facebook. Perhaps I need to walk away from my computer more often.

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