A Lagniappe: A chance to win a copy of Heroines of Mercy Street

Heroines of Mercy Street For those of you who don’t know, I’m a regular contributor at Wonders & Marvels, a group history blog where you can find some of the most interesting writers of things historical on the internet.* The blog’s subtitle says it all, “A Community for curious minds who love history, its odd stories and good reads.”

To celebrate the publication of Heroines of Mercy Street on February 16, I’m sharing more stories about Civil War nurses there, one a week starting today and ending February 22. You have a chance to share in the celebration. Wonders & Marvels has several copies of Heroines of Mercy Street to give away. To be included, you need to sign up at the Wonders & Marvels site before 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on February 29. (Not here on the Margins, not on Facebook, not by email. I’m always happy to hear from you any of those places, but it won’t count toward the giveaway.)

Here’s the link for the first post: http://www.wondersandmarvels.com/2016/01/mercy-street-a-television-show-a-book-and-a-giveaway.html. Head on over,** and poke around a little while you’re there. I bet you’ll find something you like.

*For the record, I was a fan long before I became a contributor.
**Full disclosure. You might want to wait until Monday or Tuesday. In my excitement I messed up and I don’t think the form is up yet. *headsmack*

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