We Have Winners!


I received the first e-mail asking me if I’d be interested in writing a companion book to the PBS series Mercy Street on July 3rd of last year. (And yes, I was ready to set off fireworks at the idea.) The eight months since then have been exciting, grueling, exciting, frustrating, exciting, humbling, and–oh yes–exciting. I put in long days,* spent time with old friends like Louisa May Alcott and Clara Barton, learned amazing/horrifying/inspiring things, and typed the word diarrhea more times than I would have thought possible. ** In the months between writing and the release of the book I discovered that promoting a book is even harder than writing one–at least if you are an introverted history buff.***

I’ve deeply appreciated the support and enthusiasm of the long-term Marginalia and I’m delighted to make the acquaintance of new readers. Y’all are the best.

Now it’s time to give away some books.

Drumroll, please. Sandy, if you would pull names from the largest mixing bowl? (rustle, rustle)

And the winners are:

Mary Conway

Miriam Kahn

Carrie Ann Lahain

If you would send your mailing addresses to me at pdtoler@sbcglobal.net, I’ll get those books in the mail.

Thanks for playing. Thanks for reading. Come Friday we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled historical adventures.


*And may I take a moment to thank My Own True Love who read drafts, asked questions, listened while I talked through the rough spots, told me when I wasn’t clear, suggested improvements, took over watering the plants in the front yard, and provided pizza and a beer when needed. I’m one lucky lady.

**I think this the first time I spelled it correctly on the first try.

***I’m still out and about talking/writing about the book but I’ll try to keep commercial interruptions here on the Margins to a minimum. If you want to see where I’m speaking and when, I’m adding an events pages here on the blog and on my website. Today with any luck.

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