We Have Winners!

winnerThanks so much to those of you who threw your name into the middle-sized mixing bowl for the book drawing, and to those of you who read, commented, shared posts, pointed out typos,* and otherwise engaged with History in the Margins over the last five years. If it weren’t for you, I’d feel like I was talking to myself in the library stacks.**

Here’s the list of lucky winners:

Laurie Blum
Liz Davidson (Just a book. No kittens. Sorry, Liz.)
Bart Ingraldi
Jeannette P
Connie Ruzich
Emily Stahl
Julia Travers
Karin Wetmore

Send me your mailing address.*** I will get the books in the mail next week.

Here’s to twelve more months of telling stories, reading Big Fat History Books together, taking road trips and other history nerd high jinks!

*Much appreciated, even though I don’t always remember to say thank you.
**Which I sometimes do, now that I think of it. But I don’t stand in the stacks and tell stories. Because that would be weird. Unlike, say, threatening the invasive plants in the front yard with bodily harm. There was no need for that dog-walker to look so alarmed this morning.
***By email, people. Do not post your address on the blog. Nothing good will come of that.


  1. Julia Traver on May 21, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    What is your e-mail address?

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