In which readers come through with podcast suggestions

His Master's Voice

Last week I shared some of my favorite history podcasts and asked the Marginalia for their recommendations. As is often the case, I asked, you answered. Now it’s my turn to share the bounty.

First up, a podcast that I sometimes listen to, always enjoy and inexplicably left off the list: Revolutions Like the title suggestions, this podcast examines the causes and history of the world’s great political revolutions, beginning with the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Each revolution is a mini-series within the larger podcast, so I suggest you start with the first episode of a particular revolution

I haven’t yet listened to the rest of the suggested podcasts, but I trust you people:

The History Movie Podcast

Radio Lab Presents: More Perfect

In Our Time

And now for the jackpot: @historypodlist tracks some 300 history podcasts. (Yes, you read that correctly three hundred. Obviously I have barely stuck my ear in the water.) You can either browse through the list for topics that catch your imagination: or you can follow her/him on Twitter, where he/she posts links to individual episodes for you to sample. Kind of like tasting flavors of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins.

Happy listening!

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