Having a Blast: Heroes, History, and More History

I will admit freely that I am currently under the gun: a speaking gig to prep for, edits to finish ASAP and an open suitcase on the bedroom floor ready to back for our trip to Normandy.

Instead of scrambling to tell you one of the stories from my list of ideas and possibly not doing it justice, I’d like to introduce you to a history site with a whole bunch of stories from history, Sarah Towle‘s #HistoryHero Blast. Sarah describes what she does as “fun factual fables of (mostly) ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things” –in other words, the kinds of people I call Shinkickers From History. Some names are familiar. Many are not. All the stories are written with a deft hand because Sarah understands that story and history need to pull together.

While I struggle to get my act together, I suggest you click the link, read a story or ten, and nominate your own favorite Shinkicker for a future story.

Tell Sarah Pamela sent you.


  1. Sarah on May 15, 2018 at 9:12 pm

    Thanks for the shout out, dear Pamela, and good luck with the workload. You can do it!! Enjoy Normandy!

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