We Have Winners!

Depending on how you count, I began working on Women Warriors in November 2016 when I signed a contract with Beacon Press, sometime in 2014, when I began the proposal, or 1989, when I read Antonia Fraser’s Warrior Queens. It’s been exciting, frustrating, exciting, terrifying, exciting, humbling, and, oh yes, exciting.  Along the way I’ve spent time looking at old friends like Joan of Arc and Molly Pitcher  in new ways, and learning about women I never knew existed.  I’ve spent a lot of time really really angry and I’ve been inspired by the courage of ordinary women in times of crisis.

It would have been a lot harder without having the Marginalia along on the journey.

And now it’s time to give away some books.    Drumroll please. *brief pause while I stick my hand in the medium-sized mixing bowl and fluff up the names*   And the winners are:

Cindy Hickling

Lynette Eklund

Please send me your mailing addresses at pdtoler@sbcglobal.net , and I’ll get your books in the mail.

Thanks for playing.  Thanks for reading.  And come back Monday for the next installment of  Three Questions and an Answer.

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