Starting Women’s History Month with a Song in Our Hearts

As usual in March, I am hosting a month-long series of mini-interviews here on the Margins in celebration of women’s history month. As usual, we have three questions (or more) and an answer with people doing interesting work related to women’s history in a variety of fields and forms. (If you want to read some interviews from prior months, you can find them here: )

I am not the only person offering a month of special content in March. I am very excited by the project of composer and pianist Amy Wurtz, who is celebrating by performing 31 works of music written by women composers on her YouTube channel. I peeked at what she did last year, and I am definitely going to be following along. I invite you to join me.

Here’s a link to her announcement of the project, which includes a link to her YouTube channel:

If you want to skip the explanation and go straight to the music, here’s the YouTube link:

And now, to quote Maurice Sendak: Let the wild rumpus begin! (Okay, I may be a tad overexcited.)


Come back on Monday for many questions and an answer with journalist Brooke Kroeger, talking about the history of women in journalism—a topic I’m very interested in these days.

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