Jeannine Davis-Kimball’s Warrior Women

I am ashamed to admit that Jeannine Davis-Kimball’s Warrior Women–An Archaeologist’s Search for History’s Hidden Heroines sat on my shelf unread for months.* I looked at it early on in the research stage. I decided I wanted to own a copy so I could scribble in the margins. (As opposed to scribbling in the Margins.)…

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Who Was the First Female Historian?

Over the course of my Christmas blog break, I read two separate claims that someone was the first known female historian. Two separate women in very different times and places. I was so excited when I read about the first one that I almost interrupted my scheduled silence to share it with you. When I…

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In which I return to the question of history podcasts

Two years and two weeks ago I raised the question of history podcasts here on the Margins. At that point, I had not yet found the history podcast of my dreams. I promised to report back when I found a few history podcast that I enjoy. I must admit, I’m in much the same place…

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