In which I recommend a newsletter

I recently subscribed to a newsletter that I eagerly read each time it appears in my email in-box.*

I am not sure what led me to World War II on Deadline —my guess is that someone linked to an issue on Twitter. Whatever the path, I was immediately hooked. The newsletter, and the website behind it, are a passion project of journalist Marc Lancaster. In each issue, he tells a story about news from the front and the journalists who wrote it. Sometimes he looks at a story I’m familiar from the perspective of how the story was written, which almost always gives the story a new twist. Sometimes he introduces me to war correspondents I’ve never heard of or to people I am familiar with in another context but did not realize were war correspondents in WWII. (I’m looking at you Andy Rooney.) No matter what approach he takes, it is consistently interested and well told.

If you’re interested in World War II, journalism, or a good story, you might want to give it a look.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work on my own story about a journalist.



*All of us who write newsletters and blogs dream of achieving “must-read” status for at least a handful of our readers. (And yes, I also have a newsletter, in which I discuss writing and thinking about history. Totally different material that you read here on the Margins. If you think that might be your shot of 12-year old scotch, you can subscribe here: .  When you subscribe, you’ll get a link for a very cool downloadable timeline of the Roman emperors and the women who fought against them or supported them, which I created with the people behind The Exploress podcast–which I also highly recommend.)

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