In Memory of Jack French

A reader informed me last week that long time reader and occasional contributor of guest posts Jack French recently died after a short illness.

One of the best parts of writing this blog is getting acquainted with readers. You send me emails commenting on posts, pointing out typos,* recommending books, and sharing ideas. We end up in conversation over time. Sometimes I even get to meet you in real life.

Jack French took things one step further. He didn’t just share stories and links to interesting stuff. He wrote occasional guest posts on topics that were very much on point for the blog.

Here are links to his posts over the last few years:

The Lady Who Invented Monopoly

In Which a History in the Margin’s Reader Recommends a Book

Two WASP Pilots Show the Men How It’s Done

Three “Lady Coders”

Belva Lockwood

Thank you for the stories, Jack. I will miss you.


*Which I go back and fix, because people find blogs long after the fact.

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